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I'm a teacher

In the manifestation of a phenomenon within the school context, teachers must also have the first say.


In general the teacher should:

  1. be aware of the phenomenon and as a consequence will be able to recognize it to stop it immediately and be able to subsequently develop programs or intervention techniques to relieve the

  2. Do not ignore or underestimate something the child is saying

  3. Makes immediate and strict observation immediately after the incident

  4. To use the "power" of the child who uses violence in positive behaviors

  5. Develop activities related to the phenomenon (discussion, role play, reading literary texts)

  6. To create a positive atmosphere at school

  7. To protect the child who accepts the violence, not to ask him to explain in front of others what has happened, but in a private meeting to make an effort to acquit and emotionally strengthen


  • It is recommended to avoid criminalizing the act and punishing the child with expulsions from the school unit as they are not effective.

  •   Such a climate should be created in the school so that such secrets are not covered.

  • It is especially important not to ask for "reconciliation" between a child who receives violence and a child who uses violence as there is a risk that one child will be re-victimized and the other will confirm his "power" and dominance.





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