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"The Smile of the Child" and "YouSmile" , the European Voluntary Network of Students of the Organization in collaboration with the European Network against School Bullying (EAN)  implements the nationwide, annual campaign "Speak Now".


The campaign focuses on information, awareness and mobilization against the phenomenon of Domestic Violence and Bullying /  Bullying.


Domestic violence and bullying is a very serious problem, in various forms, which leaves indelible marks on the body, but also on the souls of children, while in the recent past children committed suicide due to the persistent and intense bullying they experienced.


In just one quarter, from September to early December 2021, through the National Telephone Line for Children SOS 1056 we handled almost 2 cases of domestic violence and bullying per school day.


The campaign starts on March 9, 2022, on the occasion of March 6, recognized in our country as a School Day against Intra-School Violence and Bullying.


Throughout the year there will be activities by "YouSmile" and "The Smile of the Child" and its specialized scientific team.


Indicative from the group of students "YouSmile":


  • drafting proposals and submitting them to the co-competent bodies

  • creation of TV spots

  • webcasts

  • podcasts


Indicatively from "The Smile of the Child" and his scientific team:


  • organization of an international conference

  • conducting an investigation

  • actions of a communicative nature with the participation of athletes, famous people, etc., television and radio spots


Allies and collaborators in the "Speak Now" campaign are the Hellenic Federation of Modern Pentathlon, the National Olympic Academy, the International Center of Olympic Truce, ELTA and others.


"The Smile of the Child" has been recognized European as a "National Center against school violence and bullying" thanks to its actions and services nationwide in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Religions and under a relevant Cooperation Pact.


"The Smile of the Child" participates and holds the Presidency of the European Network against School Bullying, in which 21 organizations from 14 EU Member States participate.

Support our actions
for the prevention and treatment of Bullying



* Call to 19810 from landline or mobile (charge: from landline € 2.60 with VAT and fixed telephony fee from mobile € 2.48 with VAT, application of additional mobile telephony fee)

* SMS to 19810 the word SMILE (charge € 2.48 with VAT, application of additional mobile telephony fee)




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