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"The Smile of the Child" has developed many actions and tools for both the prevention and management of bullying. In more detail:

  • The National Telephone Line for Children SOS 1056 provides telephone support for the management of bullying phenomena, providing 24-hour, free, even anonymous counseling support & directions, while also receiving reports for each child at risk, which it forwards to the competent Prosecutor's Office. the Authorities. See here

  • European Child Support Line 116111, which provides free psychological support to children and adults for the full range of violence that children can face (Physical, Sexual & Psychological Abuse, Neglect, Bullying, Trafficking & Trafficking) Extinction incidents. A team of specialized Psychologists is at the disposal of every child and adult to provide support in matters that concern them. The Line 116111 is staffed exclusively by specialized Psychologists and is available nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. See here

  • Chat 1056. The Chat 1056 application is an extension of the National Telephone  Hotline for Children SOS 1056. It is a new way of direct communication for children who feel more secure to converse through written text. Through the Chat 1056 application, children receive counseling services for any problem that concerns them. The Chat 1056 application:

    • Aimed exclusively at children.

    • It operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

    • It is staffed by specialized psychologists and social workers.

    • It's free.

    • She is anonymous.

    • Provides absolute security in the conversation        

    • Provides consulting services.

    • It is accessible by any means and functional.

See here

  • The Department for the Prevention of Children, Parents and Teachers carries out interactive prevention and awareness-raising interventions regarding domestic violence and bullying  to students, parents and teachers in schools of all levels of education nationwide.  See here

  • The Day Center "The House of the Child", which is the 1st specialized center for dealing with abuse and bullying & consists of an interdisciplinary team (psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, child psychologists, pedagogues, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, speech therapists, access to the complex disorders that child victims face. See here

  • YouSmile, the action of the student-volunteers of the organization "The Smile of the Child" carries out online TV and radio shows by teenagers who raise their voices against Bullying. See here

  • "The Smile of the Child" is the coordinating body for the creation of the nationwide awareness and information campaign for the phenomenon of bullying "Speak NOW". See here

  • Writing relevant articles and internet shows "ASK TO HAMOGELO" by the psychologists of the Organization & notification on the site . See here

  •   "The Smile of the Child" holds the presidency and coordination of the European Anti-Bullying Network. (European Antibullying Network-EAN) See here

  • The European Anti-Bullying Certification Standard was created through the European Anti-Bullying Network, in collaboration with Eurocert. The Standard codifies the requirements, which should be taken into account by an Organized Structure, to integrate them in a Management System, with special emphasis on the prevention and the formation of a coherent framework for dealing with bullying. The Standard provides the opportunity for schools or other Organized Structures of formal or non-formal education, if they apply it, to request their evaluation from EAN and EUROCERT and to be certified, having the possibility after that, to use the European Certification Mark during of Bullying

  • Academy of Education & Training Smile Academy from "The Smile of the Child". "The Smile of the Child" expands its educational activities in the Academy of Education & Training Smile Academy - an Academy with physical and digital presence, which aims to develop skills, abilities, attitudes and habits of young and old. See here





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