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I accept bullying

The difficulties at school are many. Lessons, lots of kids .... lots of issues can arise. We are at school though and what we learn is that every problem has its solution.

Just remember:

  1. It's not your fault for what is happening. There is no real reason for someone to hit you or say bad things about you.

  2. Many children in schools experience such situations.

  3. We are proud of ourselves. We are not ashamed of something bad that someone else did.

  4. If something happens to us we share it with our teachers and parents. In this way we do not witness the other child, but we help ourselves.

  5. Difficulties never go away on their own. If it happens once it is very likely to happen again.

  6. Isolation is not the solution. Other children may have been disturbed by the bullying behavior. Share your experience.

  7. Indifference is not the answer. The action yes.

  8. Answering in the same way will not help you. You will just do something that bothers you anyway.

  9. You are very important, important to many people. If you look around you will find them, and these people can help you.

  10.   Call the National Hotline for Children SOS 1056, free of charge and anonymously, to talk to a psychologist or contact through the application CHAT 1056





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