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I am bullying

Many times we do things that if we rethink, we think we should have behaved differently.


If a classmate  tell you that him  Do you intimidate or if your teachers tell you to, do not react directly but:

  1. Observe your behavior towards the child

  2. Remember that it is one thing not to like a child and another to intimidate him

  3. Try to find out if you have a role to play in your classmate's problem

  4. If you're really involved, think about why you're involved. Why are you doing this;

  5. Under no circumstances will you feel sorry for a child…. Just try to understand how he feels

  6. No one will blame you for asking for help. Talk to people you trust like your parents or teachers \

  7. Call the National Hotline for Children SOS 1056, free of charge and anonymously, to talk to a psychologist or contact through the application CHAT 1056





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